Loose Cake Flowers & Greenery

Most people require loose flowers and greenery to decorate their cakes.

These loose flower bundles are estimated to be 3 larger focal flowers, 2 -3 secondary flowers, along with ‘filler-flowers’, and greenery. This typically is a suitable amount to fit on a single layer but can be dispersed throughout various cake layers, if preferred. If you require more flowers, please order multiple orders.

Choose your colour palette and ensure you use the ‘Notes to Designer’ box to add any additional information that would be important to you, or if there is a specific flower or type of greenery that you would prefer. If no further instructions are given, the flowers and greenery will coordinate with the balance of the wedding or party flowers.

If you are choosing Monochromatic, please let us know the colour you have chosen.

If you would like a deeper dive into the colour palettes, please see our FAQ page for weddings and parties.


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