Table Centerpieces

Use gorgeous fresh flowers at your wedding or event/party to enhance the decor and create a more welcoming atmosphere.

Nothing contributes more to the aesthetics, uplifts the mood, and adds a touch of elegance or whimsy to the space than fresh flowers! Additionally, flowers can be a great way to incorporate branding colours or themes into the party decor.

Choose from white, black, silver, gold, glass or mirrored vessels.

A stylish arrangement will be designed to coordinate with the balance of the event and in an ‘all around’ fashion. We are very mindful to keep the arrangements low enough to not impede the view across the table for your guests.

Each ‘size’ is appropriate for either round or rectangular tables. The ‘Modest, Standard, Deluxe and Premium’ refers to the lushness and volume as opposed to the size ~ more flowers, layered flowers, higher end blooms and greenery, etc.  if you would prefer a larger feel to the arrangement, please let us know and we can design accordingly  

If you have narrow rectangular tables please note that in the notes to the designer so that we can design accordingly or visit our bud vases section.

Also, ensure you utilize our ‘Notes to the Designer’ box to let us know any preferences for flowers, greenery, colour palette etc.. we will do our very best to accommodate you. If nothing is noted about colour choice, we will design the centerpiece to coordinate with the balance of the event flowers.

Please keep in mind that not all flowers and colours are available year-round.

If you have a vase or vessel you would prefer to use, contact us via email for pricing or if you are inclined to design the flowers yourself, visit our DIY page to shop for flowers and greenery.


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