Flowers for Signs

Adding flowers and greenery to seating chart signs, welcome signs, or directional signs at a wedding can elevate their appearance and tie them into the event’s overall theme.

Each arrangement is approximately 30-36′ in length and will include greenery, several focal flowers, and other coordinating elements. Please note that ‘Volume’ refers to the lushness and quantity of the florals and greenery, not the arrangement’s length.

Utilize the ‘Notes to the Designer’ box to offer information about what is important to you, concerning greenery colour or type, flower type, type of sign, etc.

Each piece can be hung on the corner,  in the center, or at the bottom of the sign. Remember to keep your wording at an appropriate level on your sign, to have clear unimpeded space to hang the flowers, and still have your message easily read.

Different materials (ie core form, wood, glass, etc) of signs require various ways of attaching the floral pieces to the signs. Let us know in the ‘Notes to the Designer’ what material your sign has been made with along with the dimensions. We will best advise you on how to hang your flowers.

Please visit our Garland page if you prefer greenery garland for your signs.


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