Round & Compact Bridesmaids Bouquets

Round and Compact, just as the name implies.  

Choose your colour palette from the drop-down menu. The colour you choose may or may not be the same as the Bride’s bouquet colour, as some people prefer a contrasting or perhaps a complimentary colour. Your custom bridesmaid/s bouquet/s will be designed with the best of the season and availability.

Please keep in mind that not all colours in all flowers are available year-round.

While each bouquet is uniquely crafted, Bridesmaid’s bouquets are typically designed to coordinate with the bride’s bouquet and are generally in a smaller format. If there is no bride for this wedding, or a bride prefers not to carry a traditional bouquet, please let us know in the ‘Notes to the Designer’ box. Also, be sure to offer any information in this box that is important to you and be sure to include the maid’s dress/es colour, and note what ribbon colour you would prefer. If nothing is noted for ribbon colour, we will simply set ‘to best advantage’ (meaning what we think looks best!)

If you are choosing a Monochromatic coloured bouquet, please let us know in the ‘Notes to the Designer’ box.

Please note that we are very transparent and if we have any issues or concerns regarding product availability etc, we will reach out to you!

**For a deeper dive into the colour palettes, please refer to our FAQ wedding page.


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