Trailing and Teardrop Bridal Bouquets

Both teardrop and trailing bouquets are meant to be carried in a forward-facing fashion and are designed in bouquet holders that give the flowers a water source.

A teardrop-shaped bouquet, as the name suggests is indeed shaped similar to a teardrop and typically has a  ‘cleaner’ look.
A ‘Trailing’ bouquet is often longer, more textured and tendrilly.
Both styles are a classic and elegant option to carry on your wedding day.

Offering the most popular colours of the day, choose your colour palette and we will gather the best of the season to design your custom bridal bouquet.

Please keep in mind that not all colours in all flowers are available year-round.

Each bouquet is uniquely crafted based on your preferences so while it wont’ be a replica of any of our photos, rest assured we will design a custom bouquet in keeping with the design aesthetic for the shape, colour preference, notes, etc.

Please note that ‘Standard, Deluxe and Premium’ refers to the volume/lushness as opposed to the actual size~meaning more flowers, layered flowers, higher-end blooms and greenery etc.

Please take advantage of the ‘Notes to the Designer box’ to let us know if you want a teardrop, or a trailing along with what is important to you, ie greenery or no greenery, type/colour of greenery or flowers, ribbon treatment (tails or no tails) etc. Or, if there is an image you like, use this space to let us know!

*If you are choosing a monochromatic colour (using a range of only 1 colour) , let us know that in the ‘Notes to the Designer’ box, also.

For a deeper dive into colour palettes, please see our wedding FAQ page.

If we have any questions we will not be shy to reach out to you. We are very transparent and our goal is your absolute delight in what we design for you!!


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